when all the paint samples are wrong…

So I shared the paint swatches I put up on Phoenix’s wall on Tuesday…and well, at the time the middle one was looking good to me. I wanted to wait until his rug came in to make a final decision, but in true Jennifer fashion I was too impatient to wait and yesterday started painting out all of the trim and windows with the middle sample of paint. Phonix has been pretty sick the past few days thus I’ve gotten a little stir crazy being stuck in the house. Kris was home yesterday to help though and I thought getting everything cut in would be nice since all would be left was the rolling. After cutting in about 75% of the room, I realized that I didn’t like the color…in fact, I didn’t like any of the colors samples that I had put up.

Phoenix's Big Boy Room | Jennifer Laura Design

They are all a bit too fluorescent and look almost like easter baskets or something (granted I think that image has an instagram filter on it which make them look ever more fluorescent than they actually are, but IRL they still have a hint of that neon tone). I decided to take a screen shot of my original color inspiration which I got from this video.

SJP color inspiration

I wish I could ask Sarah Jessica Parker’s designer what the exact name of that color is… it’s so happy and pretty and I clearly need some help with selecting colors as the shades I picked are nowhere near that. So I’m back to the drawing board and plan to put up some more paint samples soon. Here are the samples I am going to consider this time…

bm-cedar green 2034-40

bm- cedar green

bm-stokes forest green 2035-40

bm-stokes forest green

 I am thinking that cedar green is looking pretty accurate…now just to find out if it looks good in the space. Oh and I wasted about an hour of time cutting in yesterday, but I’m just glad we didn’t paint the entire room before I realized it was wrong. I can deal with an hour of time lost. I also didn’t buy a gallon of paint, just used the leftover sample pot, so really not too terrible of a mistake.


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