Update: photo transfer

Ok so the other night I went to bed pretty happy with how my photo transfer worked out. I knew I would be re-transferring the portion that had rubbed off, but overall I thought it looked pretty great. 


The next morning I woke up and my once pretty boards looked like this…

So the paper I thought I had completely rubbed off had dried and was still there…taunting me. I took some more water and did some additional rubbing…it once again looked great. Until it dried. The haze was still there. I’m thinking it must be because this is a pretty roughed up plank of wood…not smooth at all. All those grooves and indentions had to be grabbing the paper and not. letting. go. 

So I decided that this was ridiculous and with a little urging from my aunt Carol on facebook…I took matters into my own hands and pulled out the heavy artillery. 

A Sharpie. Boom. 

It felt a little like cheating, but they actually look pretty fantastic- even better than the first picture I think. I tried to stay true to the transfer- leaving it a little imperfect where the transfer had rubbed off…but I obviously fixed the G in groom, without having to re-transfer since I really didn’t want even more paper haze to deal with. So I’m calling these bad boys done…and look forward to trying the photo transfer again when I have a smoother surface.


  1. John says

    Hey Jen-Just saw this. Looks great! The paper can be stubborn. I'll see if there's a better way to remove it. The Sharpie is a good idea, but if you decide to do something multicolored
    ( i.e., from a color copier or printer), you'll want make it work. I'll let you know what I find out.

  2. Jennifer Laura Design says

    I think that if it was on a smoother surface it would have worked really well! This wood was pretty roughed up…


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