Hello there. Life has been quite different around here lately. Kris quit his job about a month ago. We had been talking about it a lot, and while we hadn’t really planned for it- mentally or financially it just sort of happened. It has been such a good thing and Phoenix and I are really enjoying having him home. Ultimately, we think Kris will work full time with me. It’s something he has always wanted and something I’ve been hesitant about. I don’t see myself as a boss. I have my comfort zone of what I have been doing for the last 3 and a half years, so to take things to the next level is frightening. It has also been head scratching…I am not sure what I want out of this business. I do know that I don’t want weddings every weekend. I know that seems silly and counter- productive to say, but I like only having a handful of really special clients. We are going to start doing some different things, but me offering a high-end full service only client experience…that’s not going to change. I have enjoyed that so much this year. Kris is sort of looking for another job. We have been open to the idea, something where he isn’t gone every weekend like he was at his last job. BUT we’re also staying open to the idea of him staying at home and working with me. We are kind of giving it to God and seeing where he takes us. So in that aspect everything really is in the most capable hands….even though sometimes I forget and put on my boss hat and try to run things…this always ends with me getting frustrated. God usually has a very gentle way of reminding me to take a step down. Take a chill pill. But anyways, say some prayers for us in this life transition we are taking on- just pray that God does his thing. In the meantime, Kris and I have been praying every night together for the first time in our marriage and it has been really special. We would love to pray for you or someone you know if you would let me know in the comments :) Happy Thursday! Jennifer Laura Design | Feather and Twine Photography

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