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The saga of the living room may be the slowest moving blog series I’ve ever done. Strangely enough, I actually “finished” this room about 10 months ago, and I think we shot it about 8-9 months ago. Why I’ve been sitting on these photos is a mystery…I could blame my real job of planning weddings, but that sounds like an annoying thing to do, so I’ll just show you a before picture so we can dive right in.

beforeTechnically, this is not a before picture, because the room was about 50-75% done here, but it’s the worst picture I could find of the room. Gross before pictures are ALWAYS good…poor photography helps all the more. To go back in time a bit I first shared this room in this post here. A few months later I¬†shared a small update when we switched out the boob light for a hanging pendant. I’m not really sure if you are allowed to switch light fixtures in an apartment, but I really could care less. I don’t think you are supposed to paint either, and we all know that’s out the window.

The living room is the one room in the house I didn’t make a mood board for, I never had a super clear direction. I will say that I was majorly inspired by Emily Henderson in this room, but no concrete plans were ever formed. This room has just evolved over time, it looks SO dark in that before photo and the truth is that other than at night, this room never feels dark. It’s a very happy and bright space, it’s where a lot of life happens.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyThis room is SO bright and cheerful, it may be veering on too much color, but I think that’s just my personality coming out. In my office– we did such small amounts of color, I knew it was going to explode somewhere.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyI painted the walls Super White by Benjamin Moore. The artwork in the collage is a combination of purchased and DIY. Anything that looks like a 5 year old could have splattered it onto a canvas is the stuff that I have done.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyWe ended up purchasing a new slip cover for the sofa since a white sofa on a bright white wall wasn’t gelling too well. This one hides Phoenix fingerprints great, but if our dog Petey so much looks at this sofa, it becomes covered in a million little white hairs.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyJennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyIf only I had fresh peonies to sprinkle around my house all the time.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyLook at those plants outside! They were leftovers from this wedding and I’ve sufficiently killed them all at this point, but I sure do miss them.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyHere’s the first glimpse at the accent wall. I’m certainly not an advocate for accent walls, but I do believe that they can occasionally work and this was a giant white wall that needed something. We painted it an inky blue and it’s a really pretty color (Benjamin Moore downpour blue). In the daytime it looks super bright and inky and at night it turns into navy.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyJennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyI added some hooks right by the front door so we can throw our purses and coats on them when we get home. I mean we live in Houston so let’s be honest about the use of coats here…we may use one 2-3 times per year. We have also found that we very rarely watch TV during the day, but much prefer vegging out at night in the bedroom, so the TV got moved in there. Instead, I opted for a mirror and some extra seating- extra seating is always a good thing. It’s nice to have my mom’s big family over and feel like there is actually a seat for everyone should they want one. I so badly want to turn this light off in the photo below so you can see the moody black shade…I have no idea why all the lights were on in these photos, what was I thinking?

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyJennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyJennifer Laura Design | Awake Photography

On the other side of the room we have our little dining nook, since the last time I’ve shared this space we did switch out the industrial chairs for these white bentwoods.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyJennifer Laura Design | Awake Photography

Next to the dining table we have the big shelving units (2 Ikea Vittsjos placed side by side), to this day I think this was the best decision I made for this room. It makes what could feel like a huge empty space really have a lot of energy and personality. I still keep the bottom two shelves child proofed (nothing breakable) although Phoenix can now reach the third shelf, he is pretty good about not messing with stuff, but when I rearrange sometimes things start to look new and interesting. For example, at Christmas I had all these little white bottlebrush trees I placed all over and he thought those were just the best things ever.

Awake1034Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyJennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyJennifer Laura Design | Awake Photography

Little vignettes are my favorite. I believe this is the start of a shoe collection of sorts.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyJennifer Laura Design | Awake Photography

In the corner we have Kris’ desk. It gets really pretty light over here by the window, I take many an instagram photo in this corner.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake PhotographyJennifer Laura Design | Awake Photography

Over here you can kind of start to see into the kitchen.I really love open kitchens, but this kitchen is so ugly (and there’s only so much you can do to a rental kitchen) that I’m kind of grateful it’s closed off and out of view. We did finally find the perfect pair of stools to place under the counter here. I love the mix of wood and metal and they tuck right in and don’t interfere with the back door. Amazingly enough I also have not painted over these DIY swirly paintings yet either. I do like the colors, so for now they can stay.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake Photography

All the plants on these shelves are also making me majorly happy…I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 90% of these have bit the dust. My fiddle leaf fig is barely hanging on, but I don’t think he will make it through the winter. I need some serious green thumb intervention.

Jennifer Laura Design | Awake Photography

And that’s it! My favorite parts of this room are my green rug- it hides Petey hair and stains like a dream. My plants- the living room is feeling SO lifeless without them. And my pendant light my dad got me for my birthday a few years back and then installed for me. Thanks for looking and thank you to my very selfless friend Paige for coming over and photograping whatever my heart fancies, she is pretty much the best.

Sources | White Paint- Benjamin Moore Super White, Blue Paint- , Benjamin Moore Downpour Blue, Sofa- Ikea Karlstad, Coffee Table- vintage Milo Baughman, console table- vintage painted white, fur stools- target reupholstered in sheepskins, blue chair, West Elm Book Nook, Bench- target, hooks- Ikea, Pair of glass lamps- World Market, gold shades- target, lamp on console- vintage, black shade- target, round mirror- Ikea, Green Rug- RugsUSA, Pendant light- Shades of Light, Corner Desk- vintage, corner desk chair- vintage, white bentwood- Crate and Barrel, bar stools- vintage, shelving units- Ikea vittsjo

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