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Unlike a lot of people might think, taking time off when you work for yourself isn’t all sunshine and rainbows- I mean don’t get me wrong the fact that I can decide to take two weeks off is fantastic! But on the other side of that coin I have to make sure it’s realistic…I can plan all I want to take a Christmas vacation, but the truth is if I have things going on with clients or projects, chances are my time off probably won’t happen. There’s no one else that can take care of things or emergencies that pop up. Like last year…I would have liked to take some time off, but because Christmas was sandwiched with two big jobs it just wasn’t a reality. Also, just because  I say I am taking two weeks off doesn’t mean I will be able to turn my brain off or put my computer down. I’m still brainstorming just exactly how I want to rework my business for the new year, I have A LOT of ideas and I plan to work on that a lot while I am technically “off”. These things are actually fun for me though, so as crazy as it seems that won’t feel like work at all :) So anyways, all of that to say that I am taking the next two weeks off from work- and the next week off from blogging. My mother is off since she is an assistant principal and works for the school district, my brother is amazingly in town from San Francisco for three whole weeks, and my father is retired so I am really looking forward to just having a grand ole time with them all. Topher will still be working with just a few days off here and there, but that’s alright. Phoenix will be taking some time off from pooping….at least that’s what I have been told, so… fingers crossed.

Feather & Twine Photography | Jennifer Laura Design

Merry Christmas from the Jennifer Laura Design family.

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  1. Carol D. says

    ha ha… Good luck with the Phoenix pooping thing. :) I can relate. I’m working from home and not even getting paid yet (lots of project that hopefully will be an income stream in the future and that are… BELIEVE ME, lots of hard WORK!) so I totally get it. I’m not sure other people really get it, though. I know for a fact some think I lead a life of luxury. Ha ha… well, back to my bon bons and soap operas then. Ta ta for now! Love you, Jenn. :D

  2. says

    haha, yes- it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! Don’t get me wrong there are loads of perks, but I truly believe that you will never work harder for anyone other than yourself. I am so happy to hear that you are still going strong with your projects!! I have been praying that you are just constantly filled with inspiration and a direction. You are so talented!

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