Sneak Peek: Timeless Beauty

Well this week is ending my official “vacation”. I kind of laugh at the term though because while I vowed back in November that I was taking two months off…it has really been anything but. On my “time off” I have booked four full service clients, 3 floral jobs, designed and installed my office (just a few more finishing touches before it’s ready to be photographed in a couple of weeks, can’t wait to share!), designed my 2015 JLD client experience complete with a JLD welcome package for new clients, and probably a schlew of other things I am forgetting about right now. It has been very much a time of peace though since I have been able to use this time to focus more on my business and less on my clients. It has really re-charged me and made me love what I do again…it was exactly what I needed.

Anyways, enough about all of that. Today I want to talk about this shoot that I am beyond excited to share a sneak peek of, seriously it might be heading up there with my mid-century metal shoot as my favorite of all time. I talked a few months ago about my aesthetics veering into new territory– a more timeless, classic side of things. And this shoot was the first time I really got to stretch those new creative muscles.

Jennifer Laura Design- Timeless Beauty Mood Board

I do have to say though that this mood board is a little underwhelming. And maybe that’s why it is hard for me to design in this style. I love it so so much, but it is very pulled back, very restrained. I have been told that if something seems off then remove 1 or 2 things from your shot.

That is very hard for me.

I just want to add more. So I really had to be mindful and try to restrain myself. Thankfully, Korie was amazing about showing me shots and then we could edit them together.

Jennifer Laura Design- Timeless Beauty

The good thing is that with the flowers I can do that (add more that is), I don’t have to hold back here. This centerpiece probably weighed close to 50 pounds. Not joking.

Jennifer Laura Design- Timeless Beauty Mood Board

This was my first shoot that we got BHLDN on board for. They sent me all the wardrobe and accessories I asked for, it was kind of a dream partnership. One I am hoping to grow in the future.

Jennifer Laura Design- Timeless Beauty | Korie Lynn Photography

Oh and did I mention that our very talented photographer Korie Lynn also does calligraphy. Oh yes, that’s her work up there. It doesn’t seem fair to give one person so many talents amirite? ;-)

Happy Tuesday!


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