Sneak Peek: Erin and Pete

I can’t believe I haven’t shared anything about this wedding yet. It’s fast approaching (November) and I am SO excited about it. Let me introduce you to two of my favorite clients ever. I feel like I say that a lot, but I really mean it this time. Erin and Pete are awesome. So laid back and both of them are excited about the details. I love it when grooms are interested in the design too. I mean I totally get it that most guys aren’t and just can’t be. But when they are…it just adds fuel to the design fire and sometimes guys seriously bring some awesome ideas/thoughts/feedback to the table. I think it’s actually easier for them to come up with ideas sometimes because their brains aren’t filled with pinterest and blog wedding images out the wazoo. I mean as inspiring as it is to be flooded with inspiration every single minute of every single day- it also means it’s sometimes hard to come up with any original ideas. Even if I think an idea is original and I start patting myself on the back, it’s almost sure to mean that two weeks later I’ll see the image that sparked the idea floating around on my recently pinned page and think “oh yeah”… mood. deflated. immediately.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that guys have the original ideas that don’t come from anywhere but their own noggin and sometimes they are good. real good. My husband had a few idea gems in the planning process as well. These are the grooms to hang onto. Did I mention Pete is British? So I can’t exactly remember what amazing ideas he had…I’m pretty sure they all just sounded amazing because of that accent. So here is the pretty and just imagine me reading the rest of this blog post in a British accent…

Erin and Pete | Jennifer Laura Design | Whimsical English Party

Erin wanted a British infused, herb filled, garden, tea party (tea party feel not an actual tea party), with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure. Her flowers are going to be fun because she wants them to look like she went out picking wildflowers the morning of her wedding. Erin is a DIY gal through and through so she has decided that we are going to tackle her flowers together. Which is exciting to me- I get another crack at florals and she gets to save a boatload of $$$. So what do you think? I feel like this particular mood board looks a bit disjointed because the colors are kind of all over the place, but they won’t be at her wedding. So while this isn’t my favourite (<— are you still reading with an accent???) mood board of all time I do think it’s all going to come together amazingly to be one of my favorite weddings ever. It’s going to be bloody fantastic!

{Image Credits clockwise from top left: 1 & 4 Style Me Pretty 2 Bridesmaid 3  Jonny Jacquez Photography 5 Woodnote Photography 6 Half Orange Photography 7  Amy Osaba}


  1. Erin says

    Hooray!! I’m getting so excited! I’m like Jessie Spano on those caffeine pills that allowed her to study for the big test and also do a exercise/dance routine with Kelly and Lisa Turtle! Thank you SO much for all the work you are putting in to make our wedding so flippin’ gorgeous, Jennifer!

    (I think all of Pete’s ideas sound better with his accent too. Except when his idea is, like, “let’s stock the kitchen with Marmite!” Because that is the grossest idea ever.)


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