Sneak Peek: Christine and Donnie

The past few weeks I have been gearing up for a very sweet little vow renewal ceremony and reception. I’m really excited about this one since it’s for someone I now think of as a very dear friend (Christine Gosch). She hired me last fall and then we ended up working together on a few other projects as well since she happens to be a pretty great photographer. I was going to post her mood board like I usually do, but her event design has definitely changed since we put that together way back in January. Somewhere along the way Christine found this image

bouquet inspiration


which became the new driving force behind the design. I was ecstatic since I think this bouquet is a giant pile of fun- I can’t wait to put our own spin on it :) I’ve also been cooking up a few chalkboards for the event that you might have seen on instagram.

Jennifer Laura Design chalkboard art

I have a new method for doing my chalkboard art that I am kind of nutsy about. It’s pretty much idiot proof, which is great for someone like me :) I’ll have to share my secret in a later blog post. We have abut a million and one other ideas up our sleeves, so I’ll leave you with this so I can get cracking on those!

Happy Thursday!


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