Sneak Peek: Alice and Paul

I feel like I have been putting a lot of rustic event design presentations together lately, don’t get me wrong I LOVE rustic, but meeting with Alice and Paul was like a breath of fresh air (you remember them right? Their engagements were kind of popular). If I had to pick a few words to describe their style I would say indie, southwest, and organic…with some industrial touches thrown in due to their venue choice- which I won’t reveal here, but just know it is awesome. I documented our venue search a few weeks back on my instagram– so feel free to head over there and take some wild guesses. Ok, enough with the jabber- here are some of my favorite parts of their event design presentation all on one mood board for your viewing pleasure. 

Thoughts? Comments? I’m personally digging the string art we have planned…we definitely plan on putting our own spin on something large and installation-ish. All this is going down at the end of next month and I. can’t. wait.

{Photo credits: clockwise from top right 1 Poppies and Posies 2 Frolic Storytelling 3 Queensland Brides 4 Our Labor of Love 5 Enjoy Events Co. 6 Minted 7 Rusic Wedding Chic Book 8 Holly Flora 9 Bespoke Bride}



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