playing around with polyvore

Have you been to Polyvore yet? I almost don’t want to tell you about it…because I feel super talented that I threw this together in less than 10 minutes…

Eclectic boho

Something like this (remember my office mood board?) usually takes me at least an hour because removing backgrounds in photoshop is a time SUCK. So the fact that Polyvore is kind of like shopping/pinterest/the sims all rolled into one…well it’s like Christmas. They have already deleted all of the backgrounds for you and these are real products. Click on the image above and it will take you to my polyvore page where you can click on any of those items and find out everything you ever needed to know about them. Crazyville. And it’s a whole big boat load of fun to put together. This is actually somewhat representational of the living room that I had planned at the townhouse we just moved out of. I still have all of the components, and although the details differ greatly from all of these pieces, the idea is pretty much there so it’s fun to see what it could look like. Ya know, as soon as we figure out where we are going to live. Aaaannnnd because I couldn’t stop there…

Upscale eclectic

I just kept going…

Black, white, and blue modern dining

It’s ridiculously fun and very addicting. I mean it basically means interior design just became the easiest thing on the entire planet. Not really, I mean obviously these boards don’t take budget, scale, space planning…or any of those “logistics” into consideration. It’s pretty much only the fun part of designing. Anyways, now who’s going to volunteer to take technology to the next level and let us decorate our sims houses like this? jk…I don’t play sims.


Happy Monday!

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