playing around with flowers

This past Monday was kind of a super duper fun day. First, my friend Erica came over and worked her magic on me…

Jennifer Laura Design | Hey Lovely Makeup

Then my friend Kelsey came over and we played with flowers…pretty much my favorite thing to do lately. Too bad it’s a terribly expensive little hobby. Here’s just a little bit of what we put together…

Jennifer Laura Design | Feather and Twine Photography

Jennifer Laura Design | Feather and Twine Photography

I can feel myself getting better with blooms…this was the first time I felt myself creating and not copying. In the past I’ve looked at inspiration images and tried to replicate what I saw…which sometimes meant trying to make my flowers and greenery into shapes they didn’t want to be in. I was fighting what was naturally there. This time I just knew what flowers I wanted to work with, what shapes looked good visually, and just let the flowers tell me what they wanted to look like…it sounds incredibly corny, but greenery and flowers are already beautiful on their own. They just want to be put in a nice looking grouping with their other flower friends, not be forced into an awkward social situation they can’t handle. I think it’s official that this blog post has gone off the deep end and I’m officially sounding like a crazy person.

That’s ok. I’m alright with it.

Monday was also Topher and myself’s six year dating anniversary, we celebrated our second year of marriage about six months ago, but something about taking a moment to realize that we had been together for six years was kind of remarkable. I mean, that’s definitely a really long time. He brought me flowers home. Now, you can’t forget that this was the same day that I had buckets and vases of flowers already placed all over the house for this shoot, so it was quite comical that he brought me these.

Jennifer loves Kris

I love them. I love them even more because he remembered that I told him once upon a time that gerbera daisies were my very favorite flower (spoiler alert- they aren’t anymore). I even had a vase of fake gerbera daisies in a decoupaged vase in college (classy, I know). These aren’t pretty, pinn-able, or styled…I just took them out of the tissue paper and stuck them in that vase, but I love them so very much. You can’t see it but there are six of them- one for each year. And Kris told me that he let Phoenix pick out the colors. My heart…exploding :) So yah…these definitely stole the show as my favorite flowers from Monday.


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