The Modern Day Invitation

The wedding invitation has come a long way and they are getting quite elaborate! I am completely on board for going all out with your invitations if you can squeeze it into your budget. There are so many talented vendors out there who will make some truly beautiful and personal invites, programs, menus, table numbers, you name it! Here are some of the invitations I am drooling over at the moment.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Dog Bearer?

Dogs in weddings?? Oh yes!

My dog Charlie was the ring bearer in my wedding and it was a little tricky to coordinate, but it was well worth it! My husband Kris and I have two other larger dogs (shout out to Petey and Jake) and we would have loved to involve them as well, but unfortunately they are a little too excited around crowds and we could only imagine them jumping all over the guests (out of love of course) as they dragged whoever was unfortunate enough to be burdened with them down the aisle. 

However, our little pomeranian Charlie was the perfect candidate to represent our four-legged family on our big day. He is small, extremely well behaved, and seems to capture everyone’s heart who is lucky enough to meet him.


I made this burlap covered pillow for Charlie and sewed it onto a doggie harness for him to wear. If you are a little less DIY I also ran across some really cute dog ring bearer pillows on Etsy before deciding to make my own. I recommend using a harness instead of just clipping a pillow onto the collar though, a harness ensures the pillow won’t flop over to one side and fall off their back halfway down the aisle.

 So if you are contemplating whether or not you should involve your dog in your wedding here are some things to consider: 

-Does your venue allow dogs? If you are getting married in a church I would assume not…but you never know and it doesn’t hurt to ask! Our wedding venue (Red Corral Ranch) allowed well behaved dogs to be present for the ceremony but requested that they leave for the reception. So we found a dog boarder as close to our venue as we could and asked two friends (who love dogs) if they would mind delivering Charlie before and then dropping him off after. They were able to get him well in advance of the ceremony and took him back while the wedding party was taking pictures so they didn’t miss anything. A good wedding planner should be able to help you coordinate the details if you are determined to involve your pups!

If your venue doesn’t allow dogs, consider doing an outdoor photo shoot after the ceremony. Or if you decide to do a day-after photo session with your photographer this could be the perfect time to get some furry photos!

-Is your dog comfortable around large crowds? If your dog is skittish at dinner parties this might be a sign that a wedding crowded with lots of people is not the place for him.

However, this creative couple put their scaredy pup in a wagon and that seemed to calm his nerves a bit. Whatever way you are planning on including your dog- make sure they are going to be comfortable. Have them practice walking around with a pillow strapped to their back, plop them in the wagon and roll them around, put your pups needs and nerves first!

-What role have you envisioned for your pup? 


He doesn’t have to be the ring bearer, I’ve seen some pretty adorable doggie ties and presto! Another groomsmen. 

-What will my dog wear? Like I mentioned before Etsy has some great options.

But why not get your florist involved and have them make some gorgeous collars?

-Potty Problems… Whatever you do, make sure your assigned dog handler lets them relieve themselves before and after the ceremony! You don’t want any accidents around a white dress!

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Perfect Palette: Pink and Navy

Picking the perfect colors to accent your wedding day can be downright difficult. I think a common mistake a lot of brides make is picking their two favorite colors and going overboard. Matching tablecloths, napkins, chair sashes…it can turn into a kid’s party faster than you can say “happy birthday”. 

My advice is to choose colors that complement each other rather than compete with each other. Pink and Navy is one of my favorite color combos right now. For those brides that die for pink, navy is the perfect color to offset it and add a touch of masculinity. Your groom will thank you!

Looking at design and fashion magazines is the perfect place to start to finding some really beautiful color combinations. 

Hiring the right person to do your stationary can make all the difference. These gorgeous invitations from 120 Water Street were completely customized to fit the wedding’s theme and couple’s taste. Your invitations will set the tone for your wedding and should fit in with the overall picture you have envisioned for your day.

Putting the bridesmaids in the more masculine or neutral tone will let your brighter accent color truly pop. 
I absolutely love a patterned tie or bow tie. This is  a great place to add a little personality and this bow tie would be perfect on a the ring bearer!

White is the perfect backdrop for this navy table runner and pink pop of flowers. 

Looking for the perfect wedding exit? Streamers are definitely unique and they could also double as a favor.

{Photo Credits: 1 HGTVAtlantic-Pacific 2 120 Water Street 3 Style Me Pretty Brooks Brothers 5, 6 Kate Triano Photography}

Details, Details…

For me, a beautiful wedding is all in the details. The little things you do for your guests, the personal touches you add to your tables, and everything in between that makes your guests say “wow”. 

A beautiful Brooch added to your bouquet.

If having an outdoor ceremony, why not cool guests down with some refreshing lemonade?
Take a look at this gorgeous dessert table. Using a piece of furniture instead of the typical rental table + tablecloth instantly adds lots of personality! Using homemade paper pom balls are also an easy and cheap way to make a gorgeous backdrop.
A seating chart is a great place to be creative and do something unique! These vintage windows were purchased in an antique store and hung from the tree with a hemp rope. 

Your place settings DO NOT I repeat DO NOT have to match. This vintage tablescape is absolutely beautiful and uses mismatched china, salad plates, and napkins. 

A collection of really beautiful glassware can make the perfect centerpiece. 

{Photo Credits: 1, 5 Jodi Miller Photography 2, 3 Gabriel Ryan Photography 4 Jennifer Laura Designs 6 Events By Heather Ham}