Our new apartment: Phoenix’s Room

So after shuffling around for the last few months, Topher and I are finally settled! And it feels SO good. Topher did a bit of job switching a few months back after our townhouse flooded and for a little while we weren’t sure where we wanted to live…close to Galveston to be close to his new job? Back where we started which is close to my parents? I never dreamed I would want to live close to my parents, but they are such a huge help in our lives right now with Phoenix, it’s unavoidable…and I actually love them and don’t mind seeing them almost everyday like I thought I would. You know, back in my teenage angst years. We ultimately decided that being close to my parents was going to be best and easiest for all parties involved, and as irony would have it we ended up in an apartment very close to where we moved from last summer. I would have loved to find a rent house in our budget or heck, even buy a house- but all of the rent houses were kind of scary and horribly outdated (which is bad for me who wants to come in and decorate on top of a clean palette- things like that are important to my daily mental health) OR grossly overpriced for the sad “updates” that had been made…and buying won’t be in the cards for us for many a years while we work our way out of student debt. At least we are using that degree we worked so hard on #not.

So anyways, we are actively working on some projects around the house and I couldn’t be more excited. I spent the weekend designing a big boy room for Phoenix. He has been co-sleeping for the last almost two years (I can’t believe I just typed that) and Topher and I are kind of ready to have our room back. I know the transition is going to be a beast…but if his room is ready at least we won’t have any excuses. Here’s a little mood board I threw together.

Phoenix's Big Boy Room | Jennifer Laura Design

I started out knowing nothing except that I wanted an interesting shade of green on the wall…I was totally inspired by this tour of Sarah Jessica Parker’s home that popped up on Vogue last week and her apartment had me drooling as did the shade of green on her walls. In fact, I already threw up some paint samples on the wall this morning…

Phoenix's Big Boy Room | Jennifer Laura Design

I know it’s hard to tell without any context, but there is literally nothing in his room right now other than a bunch of toys all over the floor…so there was no context to be had, unfortunately. Right now, Topher and I are leaning towards the middle sample but are going to wait until his rug comes in to make our final decision.

As for my office, which I’ve talked about before here…that is also happening- save for a few tweaks. It’s set up and functional right now, but I’m sort of putting it on the back burner, letting the living, dining, and Phoenix’s room get fleshed out before starting in there. I’m sitting at my desk right now in my big comfy chair…and right now, that is all that matters :)

Here’s a terrible photo of our living room, it definitely is the most “finished” although there is still quite a bit to be done.

Jennifer Laura Design

The collage is in desperate need of some artwork, about 50% of those frames have nothing in them…and I’m contemplating if I want to paint the walls white in here. The problem is that this room is huge and encompasses the dining, kitchen, and hallway…so I would pretty much have to paint everything. That cream color irks me though…it looks so dirty. I know…I’m one of those. Kris doesn’t really differentiate between white and cream so if I decide to do this, I’m afraid I may be on my own. I think once I paint P’s room and am quickly reminded how much painting sucks I may be thinking the cream looks fantastic. Topher and I have both agreed that we want to stay here a good long while. After moving 3 times in the past six months we don’t plan on leaving here anytime soon…which is why I’m even contemplating painting. I’m hoping to snap more photos and share things along the way as we go. It’s so nice to finally be home :)


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