JLD office: the plans

So I mentioned awhile back that we might be moving and that I might be getting an office. Welp, that’s officially happening. The second I found out (rewind a few months) I furiously started throwing some design plans together all rushed like.¬†Now here I sit with all the makings of my office in my current living room- and we are still weeks away from moving. So…maybe I could have taken my time a bit more and not rushed into Ikea and purchased everything that they sell. Yes, I suppose that could have been one of my options.

But anyways, my hope is that I can try to get my office installed within a week of moving in. It’s at the top of my list- so even if the rest of the house is crazy, I will have a sweet little refuge where I can get some work done. Here’s what I dreamed up…


It obviously includes my tufted blue wingback- which I fell even more in love with when I realized Emily Henderson has one almost EXACTLY like it. It also includes several Ikea hacks- these shelves and this desk painted gold…oh and these curtains color blocked with a wide strip of black at the bottoms (I’m planning to paint them). I already have this black and white paint splattered rug- which I purchased for my interior design senior show (from college). Now that I think about it, those chairs are from my senior show too- I’ve already re-imagined them once and have had them in my living room for the past few months. They used to be white with a black seat, but I’ve painted them navy and upholstered them with faux ikea sheepskins. They are cute little frames and they have a medallion in the center of them that I colored in with a gold leaf pen- they almost look too formal, but I think they will work for now, since they were free. I’ve already splurged on the leopard lumbar pillow– which I love. I found the gold desk lamp for a steal at Marshalls, and I’ve already made the pin board with a cork board and some linen fabric. I put this mood board together months ago and now that I look at it all I can think is that’s. a lot. of. gold.

So now I’m thinking ¬†maybe I shouldn’t paint the Ikea shelves.


This is jiving a lot better for me. Especially since it seems to go well with the black in the carpet and curtains. I also want to add lots of framed pictures- ideally I will blow up some of my favorite client wedding photos and they will live all around this room. Right now- it’s a lot of white and black and blue, so I’m also thinking I want to bring in a lot of color with the photos and accessories so it’s not too matchy matchy. I’m thinking different shades of pink and some emerald green. Hm…still thinking on all of those things, but the best part is that I already have all of the pieces to make this room come together (or maybe the worst part since it’s all piled up in my current living space) all I need are the finishing touches which should be easy. Any thoughts? Suggestions?


  1. Allison Sendejas says

    I was looking at the pictures in the post about your office plans & I am in love with the ikea shelves that you originally planned on painting gold. I want to do this, however I have already destroyed one ikea book shelf trying to paint it another color… How should I go about painting these shelves gold successfully? Is there a specific primer I should use? Specific brand of paint? Any help would be great, thanks!! Also, a HUGE fan of that gorgeous blue chair :)

    • admin says

      Hi Allison! I would try Design Master gold spray paint- you can find it at Hobby Lobby, I’ve read several blog posts that claim that is by far the best gold spray paint. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did and accidentally buy the gold FLORAL spray paint. I don’t think you need a primer although I’m sure that never hurt. Go here http://www.younghouselove.com and search spray painting tips- they are the masters of DIY!


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