First attempt at photo transfer

So a few months back my uncle showed me this youtube tutorial on how to transfer laser printed digital images onto another surface. I didn’t have any ideas for it at the time, but I bookmarked the link and logged the idea into the back of my brain because I knew something would come up…and sure enough- Linsy and Matt’s bride and groom chair signs were the perfect opportunity. Linsy is a graphic designer who designed her and Matt’s letterpress invitations for their March wedding. There were some pretty specific fonts included in the design of the invitations that I knew I wanted to incorporate into some of their other details…thus the idea to transfer that font onto their chair signs. I always like to do a little something special for the bride and groom’s chair…a sign, some ribbons, etc. So I thought I would share my first attempt at photo transferring. Behold.

Ok…so I know what you are thinking- the groom sign looks a little rough. I’m definitely going to have to re-transfer portions of that text. I did the groom sign first and rubbed the paper off a little more vigorously than I should have…but I did the bride sign next and it came out awesome. It’s definitely not perfect either- but if you remember their mood board from a few weeks back- I think it will fit in perfectly with the rustic vibe we are going for. I mean the boards I was transferring to are already insanely rustic…Matt pulled these boards from his uncle’s barn. So yah…they are pretty legit. And that color? It’s pretty much the most perfect shade of mint green I’ve ever seen. 

Update: This morning I woke up to see that the text is VEEERY faint…so it looks like I have some more rubbing to do to get the paper haze off…boo hiss.


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