Fancy Schmancy….an office re-design

So last week I mentioned a very special little inspiration board I have been working on and I am super excited for this board to make it’s debut, but let me start at the beginning. 

As of lately my home office has been a little less than inspiring. Looking around I am constantly feeling more and more de-inspired. Seriously…that’s a real word. It means my surroundings are sucking the inspiration right out of me! As a good portion of my day is spent designing and needing constant new sources of inspiration it would help immensely to have an office that reflected this.

The past month or so I have been putting together a re-design of this space in my head, but until last week this was as far as it had gotten…mind you it was looking pretty fabulous in my imagination. I have finally had some time to transfer the re-design from my mind to paper (well digital paper that is) and here is what I am thinking…

I thought I would go with black, white, and gold. This is one of my favorite color combinations and then to add a little color I’ll take JLD’s signature light blue for a wall color (I’ll have to figure out what the Sherwin Williams equivalent of my lovely pantone shade is). I am not 100% sold on the guest chairs or the semi-flush mount, so these things may evolve slightly once I actually get started. 

Thoughts? Suggestions?

{semi-flush mount: lamps plus, gold lamps: made goods, guest chairs: amazon match chair knock-off, desk: ikea, task chair: CB2}


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