As a christian I believe in the bible wholeheartedly. As a christian I know what the bible says about sin. So I know that most christians feel a certain way about what happened last week in the supreme court. I have been struggling with how I feel because I know that I am “supposed” to feel a certain way. After struggling with my emotions over the past week, crying tears of frustration, and even wondering whether or not to share my opinion because I’m not sure it really matters, I decided that I want to share my opinion and I need to get this off my heart.

I can’t help but feel happiness, happy that so many of my friends now get the same rights and privileges that I do, happy to see all of the joy on people’s faces whose lives have truly been changed for the better by this decision. I know that living a gay lifestyle is a sin, but I also know that as a christian I sin everyday and I have peace in knowing that it will never be my job to place judgement. My job is to love. I hope that other christians can follow suit and just love. This place is not our home and I have faith in a GOD that is a much higher power than the supreme court. Have faith in him with me. Let’s love our brothers and sisters fiercely┬ábecause that’s what we were put here to do.

Kia and Penny | Awake Photography | Jennifer Laura Design

And to the beautiful couple who can now be seen as a real marriage, congratulations Kia and Penny!!

photo credit: Awake Photography


  1. Kia McQueen says

    I was shocked when I was scrolling and saw our photo! Haha!! Needless to say, thank you for being a true Christian. I always remember how Penny told me to make sure you knew right away that we were a lesbian couple, and I appreciate how you just rolled along as though it was no big deal. Thank you for that. Thank you for getting to know us, and understanding that we were just another couple who wanted a beautiful wedding, a day we could always remember. It’s not an easy light hearted world we live in, but people like you make the world a better place. Thanks for sharing and again, thank you for making our moment amazing!! :)

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