DIY: faux agate chargers

DIY faux agate chargers

Boom! A new DIY, it’s only been I don’t know…6 months since my last one. I would love to do more, but they are kind of a ton of work so I only end up doing one when I am already happening to do a project that I need to do anyway…I could probably make more because I am always¬†working on some kind of project, but thus far I have saved the tutorials for things that are interesting and things that I myself might want a tutorial for. I totally looked for a tutorial when I had this idea and couldn’t find one…so I suppose this is a good gap to fill in the internet. I mean, doesn’t everyone desperately need to know how to make these? I think so. Or maybe you are like me with a chronic disorder of obsessively reading DIYs without any intention of ever doing them? That’s ok, this tutorial will be perfect for you too:)

Oh and see that pretty picture up there? Yah, that’s the only pretty “pinnable” image in the bunch (courtesy of my gal Christine). The rest were taken with me and my trusty Iphone…and they are pretty terrible. You’ve been warned.

DIY faux agate chargers


– a tree trunk slice, bigger is better, but mine were about 9-10″

– some craft paint- I used a dazzling blue and white, but this could be pretty in other colors- green, or purple?

– this crazy looking fan paintbrush, I don’t know the proper name for it, but you need this special brush…it’s crucial.

– gold paint

– some clear gloss poly, I actually wanted to use epoxy for a higher gloss look, but my hardware store was out and poly worked. I think it would look even more gem like if it had that high shine/plastic look on the top though.

Step one

DIY faux agate chargers

So the first step is to get a base coat of paint down- you want to use your darker blue (or darker color) on the outer edges and the white (or lighter color) on the inside. It will look like this when you are finished with your base coat.

DIY faux agate chargers

It doesn’t need to be perfect, just go with it.

Step two

DIY faux agate chargers

Next, you want to take your crazy fan brush and dip different segments into different colors, I would dip half in the blue and then the other half in the white, squiggle it around following the shape of the tree trunk, I had to refill my brush quite a bit. It looked like this.

DIY faux agate chargers

Towards the center I used more white and a lot less blue. It’s kind of an easy process, if you mess up you can go right back over it with a new layer of paint. I had an image of an actual agate slice up on my phone while I worked on this, referring to it every so often to keep my chargers looking as authentic as possible.

Step three

Wait for your paint to dry. There is nothing I hate more than waiting for paint to dry, I swear I am the most impatient DIYer ever…I just want to finish. But unfortunately, this step is important so you don’t smear the blue onto the sides of the trunk.

Step four

DIY faux agate chargers

The next step is to paint the edges gold. This makes it look so pretty!! This is when I started to get excited during this project. It takes a little time getting into all the cracks and crevices of the tree trunk, but I dunno…play some Coldplay or something to pass the time. Or better yet, watch episodes of The Office.

Step five

The last step is to paint a clear coat of poly on the top. Like I said above, I really wanted to use epoxy to give it that real gem look, but I couldn’t get any at my hardware store. I think it would look better with that though, so if you are doing this, try that and send me pictures and I will probably be super jealous that your look way better than mine.

That’s it! You are done, now you can enjoy your pretty little chargers. And I lied…here are a few more pretty images of these guys in action.

DIY faux agate chargers

DIY faux agate chargers

DIY faux agate chargers

DIY faux agate chargers

{Photos courtesy of Christine Gosch}


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