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This weekend was a whirlwind! I have to say doing the florals for a wedding definitely adds a layer of complication to my wedding (well in this case vow renewal) weekend. Friday is typically already busy with rental drop-offs and a rehearsal, but adding in hand-crafting every bit of floral goodness, makes for a busy busy day leading up to an even busier day. I have to say though, it is SO SO worth it to me. I offered to do the florals for Christine simply because her wedding was only 85 people so I knew it was something I could handle. I’m hoping to start working florals into my services, if I can start to figure out a way to do it right. Part of me wants to do everything and be in control of every aspect of my client’s wedding, but another part of me really wants to let go of certain aspects so I can truly enjoy my job. It’s something I have been dreaming of for months and months now. I’m hopefully getting closer to figuring out exactly how it’s all going to happen. *fingers crossed* But anyways, here are a few images from this weekend to tide us all over. The fabulous Tessa J snapped the pro photos, so you know I’ll be on pins and needles waiting to get those back.

Christine | Morgan Lamkin Photography

Morgan Lamkin Photography

Christine and Donnie | Jennifer Laura Design

JLD instagram

Christine and Donnie | Jennifer Laura Design

Degrees North Images

Christine and Donnie | James Romo | Jennifer Laura Design

James Romo

Christine and Donnie | Hey Lovely | Jennifer Laura Design

Hey Lovely

I didn’t have much time to snap pretty instagram photos, but funnily enough since Christine is a photographer she has lots of wedding industry friends and turns out there were a lot of great photographers at the wedding who I stole these from (thanks!). Check out #goschvows on instagram if you need to see even more! And Christine, seriously thank you for letting me part of such a special day for you and Donnie! It was kind of magical :)

Happy Monday!


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