A little bit vintage a little bit quirky

Possibly the new country meets rock and roll? Ok, probably not. But I found this styled invitation suite from Quill and Fox and it inspired me to pay tribute to it with this mood board- complete with accompanying color scheme. So whoever is ready to get married with vintage cameras, golden birds, and leather place cards abounding I’m ready.

I’ll be waiting for you :) 

{Photo Credits clockwise from top left: 1 Martha Stewart Weddings 2  BHLDN 3 Yeah! Rentals 4 Quill and Fox 5 One Love Photo 6 Heather Hawkins}

Alice + Paul instagramed

Sorry I was a ghost last week ya’ll. I was a busy little bee getting all of the details ready for this awesome shin- dig that went down last weekend. I think this is my favorite wedding to date guys. It was so out of the box and different- I’m in love with every last detail. I can’t wait to show you the whole thing, but here’s a few snippets from my instagram. It feels good to be back and I’m looking forward to a slower paced month with some down time for me and my family- I’ve been running those poor boys ragged. 

Want to see more Alice and Paul? Here are their engagements and their wedding design mood board

My dream kitchen

I’ve found it. Seriously. I saw this image on Pinterest the other day and I stared at it for a good long while…


There is not one thing I dislike about this room. The colors- seemingly brave and bold but to me they just work. The natural barstools, the open shelving, giant windows, the brass hardware, THE PENDANTS, the MARBLE. 

This is my dream kitchen ya’ll. I even did some searching and found more pictures- drool with me won’t you?

{Photo Credits: Amie Corley}

to move or not to move

So Kris and I are contemplating moving. There are a plethora of reasons why we need to move and one BIG reason why we should stay. Basically moving would enable us to be closer to Kris’ job, closer proximity to my meetings with clients, vendors, and venues (I meet people all over but being central would make a lot more sense), our lease is up, being closer to Kris’ job would allow him to be home more- like a lot more (he spends over 2 hours in the car six days out of the week and it’s kind of ridiculous), we would be closer to our friends, I could go on and on. The one reason to stay is that right now we are close to my parents- which is why we ended up in suburbia in the first place. With a small baby we knew we would need help and lots of it…and I honestly have no idea what we would have done this past year without them. BUT with that being our only reason to stay we’re just not sure if it’s enough. It’s not like we’re leaving Houston- they will only be a 30-45 minute drive away, but it means I will be losing my evening babysitters. I love having flexible meeting times for my clients so the fact that Kris covers daytime, mom covers evenings and weekends- it always leaves me with a great deal of flexibility to meet with clients at convenient times for them. AND it would mean that I start to rely on my mom driving to us- Phoenix absolutely hates his car seat. I say that. You hear it? He hates it. With a fiery passion- you would think we were forcing him to sit on hot coals…it has gotten better the older he gets, but to get anywhere successfully it still takes two fully energized adults, a bag full of toys, and a fully charged Iphone with THIS queued up on YouTube. So dropping Phoenix off at mom’s just isn’t really an option right now.

It’s a dilemma…and we are weighing all of the options. The other factor to consider is that we are determined to be student loan free by the time we are thirty- so we have our budget and we’re sticking to it. The only upgrade we have considered for a minute is an extra bedroom for me to office in. The bottom line is that me working at our kitchen table, letting boxes pile up, and not really having a place for my business to flourish is weighing on me. I thrive on organization and everything having a place and right now I’m drowning- after every wedding we do it seriously looks like a tornado ripped through our little apartment. ugh. I can’t even talk about it. I hate the word upgrade though. It feels so… keeping up.

I like to live a simple streamlined life. I like getting rid of things we don’t need and don’t use. I firmly believe that if we don’t have room for something then that just means we need to get rid of something else. I don’t believe that bigger is better and I honestly believe that in general we could all do with a bit of reducing our footprint. 

Soapbox. Climbing down now. 

So that was a lot of rambling. All of it to lead into I’m excited about the prospect of moving and maybe getting an office, but will also be happy and relieved if we decide to stay put. Moving sucks ya know? I would gladly trade moving with a thorough spring-cleaning + garage sale. 

But I can’t help it…I started looking at some office inspiration images. It would be a lot of fun to create a space that is functional for my day-to-day work, wedding prep crafting, inventory storage, and maybe even client meetings. Ok…I realize that’s kind of a lot to ask for one small room, but just for kicks let’s look at pretty pictures mmmmk?

Chairs. Sheepskins. Baaa. Faux. Thanks Ikea.

A massive bulletin board to pin anything my heart would fancy. I love how it can be cluttered and messy, but because everything is contained on a board it appears clean.

If I had the space for a HUUGE credenza I could keep all my pens and pencils in there. nooootebooks and things of that nature. Ok, I’m totally kidding- but this thing is gorge and I need a TON of storage. I’m talking storage unit storage- I doubt this pretty little number would cut it, but a girl can dream. 

I don’t think I’ll be doing a chalkboard wall- but I love the West Elm parsons and the Schumacher dragon fabric. And the bulletin board of course.

This isn’t an office, but if I had to sum up my taste in one picture this might be it. Although I warn you my taste changes from day to day, but right now this is hitting the nail on the head. And I would love for my imaginary office to have this easy elegance. I do think it needs a bit of glamour though…see, I’m already changing my mind.

{Photo Credits: 1 LMNOP 2 Cottage Magpie 3 Simple Details 4 Karson Butler Events 5 The Pursuit Aesthetic

Weddings by Design

bad blogger. very bad. 

Sorry I’ve been a little spotty around here lately. April will be better I promise. I’ve gotta get through these last two weeks in March so I can start laying on my couch eating cheetos again. 

Just Kidding. sort of. 

In the meantime I was stoked to flip through this awesome online wedding mag filled to the brim with awesome real weddings and gorgeous stylized eye candy. 

They also have a print version if flipping pages are more your cup of tea. Let’s play the favorite part game…I’m obsessed with the invitations by Pitbulls and Posies on page 74. What aboutchu?

Are you Pinterested? birthday edition.

This has been a whirlwind week…I am beat ya’ll. Last weekend wore me down physically and emotionally…sure all weddings are rough, but this one was particularly difficult. More on that later. 

For now, let’s enter the pretty world of Pinterest shall we? It’s about this time of year I usually start getting the “what do you want for your birthday” question…and I can’t lie, it’s probably my favorite question ever. Well, truth is all I really want this year is a reliable vacuum cleaner that can handle the hair output that my fur babies unleash (I’m talking to you Petey), but since that is absolutely NO fun and definitely nothing to pin about, I thought I would throw together a round up of some things that I definitely don’t need, but are fun to look at and daydream about. 

These phone cases from Rifle Paper Co. are slated to come out at some point this year…I’m not sure exactly when, but I need one. Or maybe all of them. 

Chris Loves Julia is a blog I keep up with daily. Not only is their house a pretty awesome source of inspiration, but Julia also has some mad skillz and I’d love to snag one of her paintings one day. 

Go figure that one thing from Rifle Paper Co. just isn’t enough. I’d love to have Anna make the Harrups a little family portrait one day- this is just too charming. 

I need this. Don’t ask me why, but I’m pretty sure I would wear it for forever. Really I would. It’s from BHLDN.

Ok, I lied. I actually do need this one. It’s a self-inking stamp from Ampersandity that would be the perfect final piece to my branding materials

Last but not least. I’ve been eyeing this wire sculpture from Two and Three Designers for a few months now. It’s very Kelly Wearstler-esque, but way more special because it’s handcrafted. 

Happy Friday! 

Linsy + Matt instagramed

It has been one CA-RAZY weekend. Topher and I got finally got home yesterday and sleeping in our own bed has never felt quite so good. If you happened to see a post go up on Friday and disappear- well this was a little oopsie on my part. My favorite Houston photog told me that these images (engagements of Matt and Linsy) are a part of a project he is working on and aren’t meant to be seen just yet. So I took them down quick fast and in hurry and I’ll get them back up once I get the green light :) 

Other than that there is a lot going on at the JLD office- two new clients got added to the roster last week as well as several potential client meetings coming up in the next month. Alice and Paul’s wedding is coming up- and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m going to go ahead and end this here since I’m still trying to get through this past weekend’s e-mails. Guys, I had NO cell service and NO internet all weekend. From Friday to Monday afternoon my only connection with the outside world was when I drove into town for the rehearsal and the ceremony- my cell would magically gain three bars of service and there was no better feeling in the world. I may be WAY too plugged in, yes. But since it’s part of my job I give myself a pass :) So please forgive me if I’m a little slow responding to everything. I’ll get caught up soon- I promise! 

If you follow me on instagram you may have already seen these, but if not here are some sneak peeks of Matt and Linsy’s day- it was gorge just like them. And I’ll have to do a more in depth post at some point because not only did this weekend include Topher and I catering to Matt and Linsy’s every need on the biggest day of their lives, BUT it also included Matt and Linsy cooking dinner for us…what?!? Yes, that happened. But for now I’ll leave you with just a taste of the prettiness from this weekend.

These are a few of my favorite things: flower edition

It has been awhile since I have done a favorite things post (It’s gonna get a little Oprah-y up in here) and since my foray into floristry (er sort of), I thought I would share which flowers I have a giant flower crush on. Did you just picture a giant flower attacking humans? Oh good, me too. 

So let’s learn about flowers shall we?

Guys, I have so many brides that come to me and say “NO roses, I hate roses!” That’s because when we think about roses we automatically think of red valentine’s day (grocery store) looking roses. Garden roses are anything but and I am obsessed…these are amazing.

There are definitely more. I would say these are the biggies though- are any of these your favorite too? What are your favorites- did I miss any good ones?

{Photo Credits: dahlia, garden rose, peony, ranunculus, anemone}


Sorry things were a little slow around here last week, aside from the pinterest challenge I was pretty much out for the count. With my photo shoot, finishing up last minute details for Linsy and Matt’s wedding, and Phoenix and I both getting a little mini-cold on Friday I just didn’t make it over here as much as I normally like to. The good news is that the shoot went amazingly well and I met a lot of awesome new people that I can’t wait to work with again! Bertuzzi Photography (which I get to work with again this weekend!), Bourbon and Bloom, and Meredith Cooke- you guys all ROCK. Last week I also got some amazing news that I had been selected as a Green Wedding Shoes preferred wedding artist. Color me surprised. and thrilled. and ecstatic. I’m the only planner they have listed in Texas and I’m sitting over on their planner page next to Bash, Please and Jesi Haack Design…holy cow. I’m pretty stoked.

In other news, I went to Sugarland yesterday for a potential client meeting and met one of the sweetest and quirkiest brides I’ve come across. Guys, come November I’ll be planning an awesome woodsy wedding in Huntsville State Park. PLUS she follows my blog (Hi Erin!) and I’m not gonna lie, I felt a little celebrity-ish when she knew that I had two dogs and a brand new baby. Yes, I am living in my own little world. Humor me won’t you? More and more often these days I just can’t help but stop for a minute and feel so completely and 100% blessed. Seriously. 

Anyone else up to anything awesome? 

The Pinterest Challenge: dessert table deconstructed

So I almost decided not to partake in the Pinterest challenge this winter… I’ve been swamped with new clients lately (not complaining) and last weeks photo shoot was rescheduled for today due to the rain. Ugh…rain is kind of a dirty word in this house. And oh yes, that means all those flowers I ordered and spent time arranging…I got to re-order and re-arrange last night. *sigh* all in the name of love I suppose. Buuut I couldn’t NOT do the Pinterest challenge…I mean I did it last spring and fall so it’s sort of becoming a tradition and today I’ve decided that instead of doing a craft I wanted to do something a little different… so without further adue let’s dive right into this very wedding related challenge de pinterest shall we?

I love  a good dessert table. When my clients tell me that they want to do a tabled array of sweets instead of a giant wedding cake- or better yet, a giant cake and an array of sweets I may or may not do cartwheels on the inside. Dessert tables are easy peasy to put together, I’ve put together a simple formula that anyone can follow to put together an amazing table- so here we go. 

Step One: Find an amazing table

A cool table that fits into the style of your day will definitely add some pizzazz to your display. A shabby chic dresser, a modern wooden console, or even a plain table covered with some drool inducing linens can work. Where can you find these tables? Your grandmother’s house, your mom’s house, YOUR house, or there are rental companies galore that rent novelty tables. My go to rental companies for pieces like this in Houston are Bourbon and Bloom, Swift and Company, and Recollection Vintage…just to name a few. There is also a company out in LA- called Yeah! rentals that makes me want to pack up my bags and leave for Cali tomorrow. 

Step Two: It’s all about the backdrop

The options here are endless. Burlap buntings, balloons, paper chains, I could go on and on. Get Creative. Get Crazy. Get Loud. Please tell me you sang that last part. You can figure out a way to hang just about anything- I’ve found where there is a will there is a way. Scope out your location early- figure out exactly where you plan to put your dessert table. If there is no possible way to hang- then no worries- helium balloons, a large leaned canvas, or light paper buntings held up with some tape could still work. Just make sure whatever you are rigging will be ok with your venue ahead of time! 

Step Three: Pick your desserts

Dessert tables are so fun because you can literally fill them with anything. Pies, cupcakes, candy, cake balls…I actually suggest a mixture of all of these things. A dessert table with a variety of sweets displayed a variety of ways will look amazing…and more importantly taste amazing. I always suggest getting more than you think you will need, but don’t overfill the table- fill it to the point of looking amazing and then place the leftovers somewhere close by so refilling is easy. Dude, a table with drawers totally gets bonus points here since you can stash all of your extra desserts in it. I also suggest ordering some to-go boxes for your guests to take some of the yumminess home- bam! instant favors.

Step Four: Display your desserts

I am here to tell you that cake stands DO NOT have to be expensive. Head to your nearest dollar store or thrift store and grab some vintage looking plates and candlesticks (or wine glasses) and all you need is a bit of high grit sandpaper and glass adhesive. I even bought glass adhesive from the dollar store and was so sure that it wouldn’t hold- but my cake stands are still holding strong (six months later). All you do is sand both areas you will be attaching to each other, apply a good amount of glue to one sanded area, and then press to the other sanded area. Then take a paper towel and clean up any glue that oozed out of the sides, the glue will dry clear so if it’s not globby then it will look great! Then you just put on your patience pants and leave them alone for awhile. I would give them at least a day or two before using them just to be on the safe side. Something to note is that if you are using a clear plate- your sanding and glue will show through the glass. Not cute, but can be easily hid with a paper dessert doily or piece of wax paper. Here are some I made for one of my weddings this past fall.

Using this technique I also made a cupcake stand using three different sized plates and shot glasses. Weird I know, but it worked and was lovely.

The sky is the limit :) So a few cakestands, a cupcake tree, a few regular plates or trays for cookies, and you are done! Here are a few things that could spice up the look a bit more: 

– wine glasses filled with rock candy

– pedestal bowls filled with brownies

– cloches with cupcakes underneath

Step Five: Flowers!

Don’t forget to mention to your florist that you will be having a dessert table, they may have some neat ideas to incorporate flowers into the table. Under a cloche, a collection of vases, or even tucked into some of the cakes- flowers make a world of difference. 

Happy Dessert Tabling! And make sure you go over to Young House Love and Bower Power Blog to see what everyone else is crafting up today! 

{Photo Credits: 1 Swift and Company 2 Yeah! Rentals 3 Bourbon and Bloom 4 Ruby May Designs 5 Beau and Arrow Events 6 Jesi Haack 7 Little Sooti 8 & 10 The Sunday Sweet 9 The Inspired Bride 11,12,13 Jennifer Laura Design 14 & 15 Eat. Drink. Pretty}