Ok…so what the heck happened right? I said I was back and then I go and dissappear for even longer. 

Ugh…I know- I’m sorry! 

So the problem with my “new” blog is that it’s not exactly SEO, Pinterest, or Facebook friendly. I don’t want to get all technical, so I’ll just say that it’s not what it needs to be. SOOO I did the unthinkable- I hired someone to turn this baby into what I really want. 

I know… believe me, I’ll try anything and 99% of the time I can figure something out myself (whaddup google), but everytime I found tutorials on creating a custom wordpress layout, inserting the sidebars that I wanted, etc. my eyes would cross. I’m sure with the time and dedication I could have figured it out eventually, but it started taking up my precious work time which really needed to be focused on clients. So I had to ultimately decide to give it up and let a pro handle it. 

So I’m really excited to see what they come up with! It should look similar and different all at the same time. I get to see the first draft of my baby (not you Phoenix) any day now and then I’ll get to make edits and tweaks until I think it’s perfect- then I can finally get back to my blogging ways. The people I’m surrounded with on a daily basis (Topher, baby P, and the dogs) are only mildly interested in my work talk…one of them puts up with it to humor me and the other three listen politely and then lick me in the face or bite me on the nose…I’ll let you figure out who’s doing what. hint: baby Phoenix is getting some very sharp (albeit very adorable) teeth. So I definitely love my little outlet to blab on about wedding, work, and pretties. 

Anyways, I hope to be back very soon and back for good this time! In the meantime, I’m pretty active on instagram (@jenniferlauratx) so feel free to follow me there. I’ve been busy over the Memorial Day weekend with some photo shoots that I posted a few teasers of. 

Like this. 


And this.

See you soon! 

{A JLD inspiration shoot} Bridesmaid tea party

 Eeks! I’m so excited to finally share this little photo shoot I put together a few months back. I remember the day we shot this so clearly. We had already re-scheduled once due to rain and this day it was SO windy. I was so worried that my entire table was going to blow right off…but amazingly the wind actually worked in our favor and made everything just come to life. The idea behind this shoot was that a bride has set up a cute little tea party to ask her bridesmaid to be a part of her wedding. Thanks a million to everyone that was involved! 


Design, Florals, Styling- Jennifer Laura Design

Photography- Bertuzzi Photography

Rentals- Bourbon and Bloom

Hair and Makeup- Meredith Cooke

Models- Meredith Cooke and Megan Hurst

Paper- Rifle Paper Co.

I’m Back!

Woohoo- I’m back! Alright I want to preface this return by saying is no more. Although if you read me in a RSS feed or reader it should still work just fine. But from now on to get the full blog look and experience this is where you will want to go. Yah, I’m not 100% thrilled with that domain- but for now I am just so ready to get back at it that it is what it is… Hopefully I can tackle getting the domain and get a few other details hammered out at some point, but for now I’m calling it a day. 

Annnywaaaays, while I was gone I’ve gotten some very pretty and special project images delivered to my inbox that I can’t wait to share. I’ll be back tomorrow with some of the goods- I just had to shout that I was back from the rooftops today :)


In the next week or two I am going to be working on moving my blog over to a new platform– which will enable me to add some features, customize the look a bit more, and overall make this place better, faster, and stronger. Seriously. This blog is going to be bench pressing cars when I’m done with it. Not that it would want to, but the point is that it could.


So I’ll be plugging away at that- wish me luck. Good things are in store when I return ya’ll :) 

The spousal struggle

So this month has had a slower pace- no weddings this month (phew!), but getting event design presentations and vendor selections out the door for the rest of my 2012 girls is definitely keeping me busy. But this week has had our family in a conundrum. Topher was recently promoted at his job- which is amazing and such a blessing for our little family, but it means that his schedule is CRAZY right now. Tuesday 8am-9pm. Check. Wednesday 10am-11pm. Yup. Thursday 8am-home early at 4pm. Thank god. But that’s not to say that he still doesn’t have an entire weekend (10am-10pm) ahead of him. 

We’re used to working crazy hours around here. I mean weddings don’t exactly happen on Wednesdays right? Working on the weekend is just kind of normal for us around here…but for the past several months Topher and I have gotten into a groove- I work during the day, he goes to work at night and we trade off taking turns with little Phoenix. So now that his schedule is absolutely insane and he’s never here, I have to beg the question- um…when am I supposed to work exactly?? Kris has always been so supportive of me and he always offers to take Phoenix after his insanely long day so I can get some work done, but the truth is I’m exhausted from keeping up with Phoenix all day- I’m ready to finally relax myself. 

So I’m left wondering- who gets top billing in your house? Does the husband’s job take priority numero uno? Is it whoever makes more money? Do you kind of do what Toper and I do and take turns depending on who has something important going on that week? What do you do when it comes to a head and you both have things going on??

the tactile mood board: the JLD take

So I have been busy this week getting a big design proposal ready for one of my summer couples- I finally put all of the finishing touches on it last night and phew! I am so glad to stick a fork in it and call it done…at least until we start editing. So this presentation included a giant 35 page powerpoint (as usual), but as I mentioned back here I was also contemplating putting together a tactile element…and I’m back to say that I did it! It definitely wasn’t like the mood boards I used to put together for interior design clients (which included nothing but fabric swatches). As I started working on this board (I actually used a tray), I realized there were only so many fabrics I could add, but what really helped get the ideas across were physical objects….behold.

I mostly used things I already had lying around- books, necklaces, a milk glass vase. Then for the fabrics and colors I just grabbed some paint swatches at Lowe’s, some lace swatches at the Hobs, and then a few actual linen samples from La Tavola (swoon). It was so much fun to put this together I definitely think I’ll be doing this for every event design presentation- and most importantly my bride loved it! I’ll be back later this week to show off the more traditional image mood boards I typically share over here and talk about this “vintage with a twist” concept we are cooking up. 

The Cream Event

The Cream is pretty much the most amazing wedding event ever. It happens in LA, NY, and it even came to Austin last year. I would pretty much give my right index finger to be a part of it….but we’ll see if they ever make their way to Houston (doubt it!). Anyways, I’ve spent more time than I would care to admit drooling over the photos over at 100 Layer Cake the past two days. Here is one of the images that is getting me all hot and bothered…

These are the kind of amazing ideas that are happening all over this bridal show- The gals from Bash Please are the ones behind this amazing event…come to think of it I even mentioned it back here


What’s inspiring you lately (and simultaneously making you feel completely inadequate)? 

{Image Credit: Mr Haack, Bash Please, JL Designs}

Real Wedding: Waterfront Wilderness {Bethany Jeffery Photography}

Two good friends of mine got married last month and my heart broke to send a regretful RSVP back in January. That’s definitely one of the downsides to this job I love so much- sometimes I get so excited about booking new clients that I forget to check my PERSONAL calendar. So Topher and I didn’t get to go to this wedding, but the good news is that they had an AMAZING photographer that captured every single moment so that we can all virtually wedding crash them together! 

Let me introduce Paige and Randall– Topher and I met Randall years ago back in college and quickly bonded over our love of dogs and comic book characters (namely he wanted to steal our dog Petey and there will never be an agreement of Superman vs. Batman). When Randall started dating Paige it was pretty obvious they were perfect together- they just fit you know? Paige fit pretty seamlessly into our weird little college family and that was definitely no easy task. Now before I blabber on too much and sink even further into depression because we. weren’t. there. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. 


Gorgeous no? My favorite details are the extremely touching first look, the plant they watered during their ceremony (love that idea!), and all of those amazing flowers! 

From the bride: “Our wedding was just so “us” as cliché as it sounds. The forecast all week was sunshine and 65 degrees until Saturday with a 40% chance of rain. The day of the wedding there was an overcast sky and being a photography fanatic I was super excited about this (but still crossing my fingers for no rain) because it creates a natural filter for photos. Everything was setup beautifully and as soon as I walked down the aisle, the sun came out through the clouds–wedding dream come true despite the crazy wind on the deck. We kept our wedding as personal as possible because it was our day.

I wanted our wedding to be simple. I’m always inspired by earth tones and picking up colors from different natural elements. When we visited the Lake Tyler Petroleum Club, it was the first venue we looked at and we fell in love. We are both outdoorsy people & East Texas is full of massive pine trees so I definitely wanted something that would showcase that. The deck, the inside room, and the lake were all so warm and rustic feeling. I didn’t want to take away from that with lots of decor. I wanted my flowers to look like they were just picked out of a garden. I’m not a fan of super matchy-matchy stuff because there are so many different tones that can come from one color.

The best advice I can give to future brides is don’t sweat or stress about anything. I wanted white peonies as my flowers, but they didn’t bloom on time and I found this out 2 days before the wedding so I had to choose something else. One of my huge ceremony vases full of flowers broke 20 minutes before the ceremony and our caterers were late. Things like that will happen so always have a back up plan or someone to handle it for you. Also, research, research, research. There are so many bargains out there to keep your wedding in your budget. I ordered my dress online for under $300, hired a family friend to be our florist, and a close friend was my hair stylist. And get yourself a wedding coordinator or day of planner. It may seem like you can do it all, but having someone be the boss takes a load off your shoulders so you can love everything about your day!”

{Image Credits: Bethany Jeffery Photography}

NEON fresh

Ok…so that blog title may or may not be a shout out to one of my favorite humor bloggers…hi Roo! But this post actually has nothing to do with her and her hilarious posts. I’m talking about a neon, electric wedding color palette. It’s a pretty modern and bold way to tell your guests that this is going to be a wild and crazy night. I’m talking hi-lighter colors ya’ll and I’m loving this look.

{Image Credits: 1 Ladyfingers Letterpress 2 Sweet Sunday Events 3 Paige Newton Photography 4&5 Emerson Events 6 Polkadots Cupcake Factory 7 Kelly Stonelake 8 art beauty life}

the tactile mood board

So typically how my event design presentations go down is I pull a TON of inspiration images from everywhere you can possibly imagine. Pinterest, wedding blogs, google, anywhere I can find a mouth-wateringly beautiful or inspiring image. Occasionally I will do some sketching to get my idea across. Then I take all of those images and they go into a really pretty powerpoint presentation organized by category and slide…very low-tech, but it works. And I’ve had no complaints, my clients love it! This is usually their favorite meeting with me- they LOVE finally seeing all of the pretty we have been talking about down on paper…but lately these presentations just aren’t doing it for ME. I know they could be BETTER. 

As an interior designer in my past life- I come from a place where creating a tactile moodboard was something we did on the daily. We still used powerpoint slides to show floor plans and furniture, but then we would pin up all of the fabric options onto HUGE tactile mood boards. They were so pretty with all of the amazing fabrics and everyone loves to touch things (wait, that sounds wrong). One of my very favorite interior designers Kelly Wearstler even makes these mood trays where she keeps a tray for every client to collect objects that inspire her- her theory is that it’s less of a commitment to put something in a tray. If you don’t like it the next day you just take it out. Plus, look how gorgeous it looks…

So I’ve been wanting to add a tactile element into my wedding presentations to make them a little more interesting, a little more interactive, and overall give my clients a better idea of what they are going to be getting from me on their wedding day. I’ve rounded up a few more images that are getting me excited about this new way of doing presentations so here goes.

{Photo Credits: 1 Kelly Wearstler 2 Justine Taylor 3 Elizabeth Demos 4 Decor8 5 Geninne}