Being happy and finding peace in 2015.

The past two years I have shared a big list of goals and hopes and dreams and unicorns with rainbows….you know, those posts. I didn’t want to do that this year. This year I am simply vowing to be happy in the small and simple- finding joy in the everyday. It’s something I’ve struggled with ever since I graduated from college. My entire life was leading up to this one moment and it was a bit anticlimactic to be honest. Get a job, start real life. Work. Make a living. Pay bills. It’s all so mundane. School was always leading up to something- a 9 week benchmark, the end of a semester, summer break! I have found that real life isn’t really like that. It’s just one long to-do list that never really ends and if you are lucky you can catch up and take a breath every few weeks. I’m not complaining. I think I speak for a lot of people when I write this…at least I hope I do. The last four years, I’ve really struggled to find happiness. It’s not easy writing that, depression is something that is extremely easy to hide and very guilt-inducing to admit. I’m blessed in so many ways that the guilt in even admitting that happiness doesn’t come naturally almost makes me want to throw this post into the trash. So for this year, that is what I am working on. Finding joy in God, finding peace in Jesus Christ. Being ok that not every moment of my life is thrilling and/or exciting. Being ok that I don’t have some large milestone to look forward to or work towards. My hopes for this year are that my life/business brings joy to others in some way. I think joy might come when I focus my energy outwardly instead of inward. Be less focused on myself, be more focused on others.

Happy New Year!


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