a surprise proposal

So earlier this week I hinted that I have a lot of side projects in the works. Well this is a sneak peek of one of them. Late last week my friend Kristen told me about her friend (who shall remain nameless for the moment) who wanted to plan a surprise proposal for his girlfriend. He wanted there to be a special little set-up and he wanted Kristen to hide out and photograph the entire thing. Kristen wanted to get me on board to design it and I was stoked, I mean the whole thing sounded amazing, the only catch was it was going down in one week. Our schedule has ended up looking something like this-meet with client on Sunday, throw together design proposal and quote on Monday, client pays for design proposal on Wednesday, shopping and sourcing on Thursday, buying florals and picking up rentals Friday (today). And I really should have bought my florals on Thursday to give them time to open up, but Phoenix had a minor stomach bug late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning and I just couldn’t bare to leave him.  I actually kind of like quick and fast projects like this so if you ever think it’s too late to hire me for something…it probably isn’t, unless I’m booked up I don’t mind working quickly. Reminds me of last year when I planned a wedding in two weeks. I’ll have to see if I can hunt down some photos of that wedding, it wasn’t overly designed and I don’t think they hired a professional photographer or a florist for that matter, but they were just about the sweetest couple on the planet. The other day I saw a meme on facebook that said I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding. That’s really cool and I do think I (and everyone really) get wrapped up in the details, the installation ideas, hiring the perfect photographer, yada yada yada…and after your wedding is over all that’s left is you and him and good grief I hope that’s all that matters. The wedding is just stuff…pretty stuff, but stuff nonetheless. Ok what was I talking about??

Oh yes, so this surprise proposal…and yes, we are going to be using a lot of “stuff”…but it’s going to be pretty stuff. And sometimes the stuff is important and can make a moment that is already special become a freaking fairy tale. I mean, I can’t wait to share photos because yes, this is going to be a fairy tale proposal. For now here is the mood board I whipped up for the groom-to-be.

Ron and Tiffany Surprise Proposal Mood Board | Jennifer Laura Design

The groom-to-be wanted something really pretty, but other than colors and this similar shoot that him and Kristen had seen on 100 Layer Cake there was very little direction. This mood board is pretty vague, but we are going to do a fun set-up with a pretty wingback chair, a desk turned dessert table, and of course lots of pretty florals. I know pink and mint are so cliche, but that was the main color direction that I got- I’m hoping I can find some cool florals at the wholesaler today (it was too late to pre-order anything so I’ll just have to see what they have) that will spice up the color palette a bit- maybe some coral charms with yellow centers (I doubt it) or yellow and white icelandic poppies (also doubt it). Regardless, it’s going to be very very pretty and I’m so excited to see this come to life tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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