A secretive sneak peek

So I’ve been debating on whether or not to share this sneak peek…it’s for a wedding I have coming up in October for two particularly awesome clients. They are from LA and are sort of kind of a big deal. I’m actually contractually not allowed to share much, the bride and groom want to keep their wedding and identities as private as possible. They don’t want the photos shared on blogs or blasted to the interwebs as we wedding professionals are accustomed to do (ahem). So while I will never be allowed to share this wedding in its entirety or have it featured anywhere I do plan to share as much as I am allowed, which will be details, details, and more details. I mean to be honest…that’s all we want to see anyway amirite? So here is a little sneak peek of the design direction- it’s very much in tune to what I’ve been drawn to lately, so that’s very exciting indeed.

Oxblood Wedding Inspiration

Some key details will include that beautiful deep oxblood color, lush garlands, luxurious velvet ribbon, and the most gorgeous florals possible. We’ve hired Without Wax Katy from Austin and I couldn’t be more excited to see what she comes up with. That girl is pure talent and a real inspiration to my own personal floral/business endeavors. The venue is a private residence (the bride’s father’s home) and quite literally one of the most beautiful ranches I have ever seen. Very exciting on many levels and like I said I plan to share as much as I can…and probably sooner rather than later. Since I won’t be sending it out for a feature, there will be no reason to wait on that front.

Happy Thursday!


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