A new and centered dining room light

Of course I forgot to take a really good before picture, so this will have to do.


Take a look at that boob light over the table. It was not cute. Even less cute when we took it down and the interior of it had this foil-ish foam stuff that was peeling and cracking off. Honestly, it wasn’t the worst light in the world, but the major problem I had with it wasn’t the look. It was the fact that it wasn’t centered on the table. Obviously, I could have moved the table, but this living/dining room space is pretty huge and to give the room any sort of good flow without it feeling like there are two entirely separate worlds in there, the table needed to be a little more central in the room. If it had been centered on that light it also would have meant that the back door smacked into it every time we opened it. Anyways, whoever planned the location of that light, just did a really bad job plain and simple. So when my birthday rolled around I started hunting for a few lighting options. My only criteria was that the light needed to be on a nice long chain so I could hang the light from the current location and then swag it to hang above the table.

shades of light globe pendant

I found this clear globe pendant at Shades of Light and it was pretty perfect. I wished the finish was gold, but the style was exactly what I was going for. I looked at a few gold options but they were all $$$. I figured a can of gold spray paint would be an easy fix. So I threw this light on my birthday wish list and kind of forgot about it. It definitely wasn’t anything necessary or urgent. Heck, I didn’t even know how to change a light fixture or if it could actually be changed out…was it compatible?? I had no clue. My dad ended up ordering it for me and I was thrilled when he gave it to me, I casually joked if installation was included (haha, totally kidding, sort of, not really, but I mean dad….you used to be an electrician…haha, no no, I’m sure I can figure it out). Fast forward to that light fixture sitting in a box in my office for the next 2 months.

Thankfully, my dad is awesome and started planning the installation. He figured out what all we would need- a ceiling hook with a nice strong toggle bolt to swag the chain, and that was it, the light came with everything else we needed, who woulda thunk? Can you tell I am kind of clueless when it comes to lights. This was the first one I ever installed…and technically my dad installed it and I wasn’t really paying attention so I am still pretty clueless. Last week I invited my parents over to dinner and my dad just so happened to bring all the tools he would need for the installation. I swear there was no bribery! We started taking the old light down (like I said…once it was down I realized just how gross it really was) and about halfway into the original light coming down I remembered that I had planned to paint this bad boy. So I grabbed my spray paint and some cardboard boxes and painted everything out on my patio. We hung it about 15 minutes later…I think technically the paint was still drying, there may be some fingerprints in the finish. I don’t recommend this method :)

But it’s up (fingerprints and all) and it’s kind of my favorite thing ever.

Jennifer Laura Design dining room

Here you can see how the light is hung from the original location, but swagged to get to the area right above the table. There was also a very dirty ring left from the old light that I scrubbed to get clean…turns out cleaning a popcorn ceiling tears the popcorn off. So I need to get some spackle or something to fill in the ring. Ugh…textured walls and ceilings are the worst. I suppose would be to scrub off the rest of the popcorn. You know…if I had 5 days with nothing else to do.

Jennifer Laura Design dining room

Jennifer Laura Design dining room

Ahh…it does look awesome though. It makes the dining area a much happier place for sure. Oh and do you spy our new barstools? $30 for all three on craigslist. They are cute right? I wanted something a little more substantial with a back (ie. more comfortable), but with that back door right there anything else would have been too big. These tuck underneath the counter just perfectly. You can also see a peek of the new dining chairs that we got. Spoiler alert: I hate them and need to return or sell them. I think I can return them, but I have to check and see. Once upon a time I wanted ghost chairs and now I’m wondering why I ever steered away from that idea. I think ghost chairs would be perfect…we’ll see. This is the second pair of dining chairs that has just not worked out…I haven’t lost any money yet, but I think Kris might murder me if the next set don’t work out :)


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