A Harrup Family Addition

So by now you may have seen this sweet little face over on instagram, but I have yet to mention our newest addition here on the blog. His birth is a real long story, which included a lot of scary medical situations, a two week hospital stay (for me), followed by a three month hospital stay (for him). It was the most insanely awful/frustrating/happy/scary/overwhelming/joyous time in my life and while I would never want to relive it, I do think it’s worth remembering. Lincoln James Harrup was born 15 weeks premature last March, he got to come home three months later at the end of June on his daddy’s birthday (talk about the best birthday present ever!), and when he came home he was (and still is) perfectly healthy and happy. Here are his birth announcements along with a glimpse into everything that this little guy has been through.

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Since he has come home, it has been SO normal, to the point of it feeling like some bad dream that never actually happened. I’m so grateful.

While we were going through this we received such an outpouring of love from every single person we know and love. It was incredible and overwhelming and I’m not sure how I can begin to pay it forward, but I’m going to try. I had an entire garden of flowers while I was in the hospital- I literally lost count of how many there were, my aunt made me dozens of her famous chocolate chip cookies and while I am still trying to lose all of the cookie weight, I mean baby weight *ahem* it was totally worth it. Lincoln had visitors from both myself and Topher’s family constantly throughout those three months and while Lincoln will never know or remember, it sure made the journey easier on us to be sharing it with so many loving people. So thank you for following along, thank you for the prayers, and if you didn’t do any of that just thank you reading this blog post about our newest little guy Lincoln.

Birth announcements are from Minted

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