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So while I have been on hiatus, there have been some exciting new press features that have happened over here at JLD. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram this is old news, so I’m sorry in advance if you are so ready for me to shut up about this. BUT in case you don’t here’s what went down in that area over the past three months.

I got my very first print feature! This one came as a total surprise to me as I have submitted weddings every so often to Houston Brides | Modern Luxury and I finally came to the conclusion that they were probably just looking for weddings that are a bit more traditional. But out of the blue they called me one day to let me know that Larissa and Rob’s wedding was in print and out rightthissecond. Commence the screaming. I was super excited and can now officially cross that off my goals list for this year.

print feature

A few weeks after that Paige and I found out that Green Wedding Shoes had accepted the photo shoot we did back in May. They were our first choice so to say we were bouncing off the walls is an understatement. I had been accepted to be one of their preferred wedding artists awhile back, but this was my very first feature with them so I was just so excited!

Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 3.17.33 PM

And then as a cherry on my already very happy sundae Larissa and Rob’s wedding was featured on Wedding Chicks exactly one week later. I had been waiting on this feature for AWHILE. Little old me had no idea it takes 6+ months for features to go up on these big bad wedding blogs sometimes…lesson learned, I need to put on my patient pants sometimes.

Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 3.19.05 PM

The feature is awesome. It even includes their youtube video save the date which you definitely should watch. It’s probably the coolest save the date I have ever seen. Probably. Larissa used to be the producer of the morning show Eye Opener which was produced and filmed in Dallas, but totally aired here in Houston too. I had never heard of it, but once she told me about it I started seeing billboards for it all over.

Now I will officially shut up. Until I get another feature…in which case I’m sure I will be blowing up your news feed.


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